Bryan Collier at the Library of Congress Book Festival

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Bryan Collier, the inspirational soul and illustrator of Dave the Potter and I Too, America, discusses the power of arts, freedom of literacy, and continuing to persevere through the harder times of life. 
Bryan Collier was born to draw.  Growing up he had a few favorite books including The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats and Harold the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson; and while the stories of course moved him, it was the pictures that really struck a cord. As a teenager he started to draw the life around him and knew he had found his passion.  He sat down with's Christie McDonald to talk about his newest works Dave the Potter and I Too, Am America.
In this interview we couldn't help but notice Collier is almost as eloquently gifted as he is artistically inclined, and the passion he expressed about his latest books, the freedom of literacy, and the power of the arts is moving and inspiring.  Without that passion we would not have had the great pleasure of speaking to this fantastic individual; he was rejected for seven years before getting his break in the publishing world.  Seven. He went to the publishing houses once a week for 364 weeks before he finally heard a yes; if that isn't a story that helps you move forward on your own path, I don't know what is. 
How does a slave who never left South Carolina write about other nations? Bryan Collier sheds light.
Bryan Collier, known for his passion, talent, and persistence, gives an eloquent and powerful explanation about his newest illustrated book, Dave the Potter.
Why did Bryan Collier think that he was in fact a purple crayon named Harold? Find out here!
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