Neil Berkeley and Wayne White at the Silverdocs 2012 Festival

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Review by Christie Mcdonald

“Beauty is Embarrassing” is a Neil Berkeley documentary about Wayne White - painter, cartoonist, puppeteer, sculptor, banjo player, family man, and pioneer (to name a few).  Not impressed?  He was also one of the creators of Pee Wee's Playhouse.  Still not impressed?  Watch it anyway.  Neil Berkeley spent over two years filming; mainly by himself or with the help of a small crew, trying to ‘find the time’ around his already full time job.  And Neil, thank you very much.  Because even if you aren’t an artist; even if you don’t agree with Wayne’s “F-you” attitude; even if you don’t understand his obsessive passion or crazy antics; you cannot help but be touched by this film.  It’s a film about living - the ups and downs, the good and the bad; the humor, insanity, tragedy, and joy that is life.  And it found a subject that has fearlessly lived it in its entirety; even when it drove him to the brink of madness; even when he couldn’t understand exactly why he was doing it.  You will laugh, you will cry, you will want to hug your parents, reconnect with your roots, pick up a paintbrush, and try whatever is you want to do; because, as the illustrious Wayne White puts it best, “Why not? What the f- does it matter?”'s Logan Anderson chat's with "Beauty is Embarrassing" director Neil Berkley and the film's subject Wayne White at the 2012 Silverdocs Film Festival.

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