50th New York Film Festival

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The 2012 New York Film Festival marks the 50th anniversary of the prestigious event, and they really are throwing out all the stops.  The 16-day event starts of with a bang; boasting the world premiere of Ang Lee's highly anticipated adaptation Life of Pi.  And that's just the beginning: things really start to get fun with a Princess Bride cast reunion (thanks to the help of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences!); tributes to Nicole Kidman and program director Richard Pena (who is stepping down after 25 years, but not before elevating the film society to a year round organization co-sponsoring dozens of festivals throughout the year); dialogues with HBO directors Noah Baumbach, Brian De Palma, Abbas Kiarostami, David Chase, and Robert Zemeckis; views from the avant-garde (some of the most influential experimental films over the years) including Raul Ruiz's The Blind Owl, Jeff Preiss' Stop,  and films by/about Peter Kubelka; restorations/revivals of Little Shop of Horrors, Richard III and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (to name a few); and of course the 2-day convergence program  - a platform for thinkers, designed, creators, and fans to come together and discuss a wide arrange of topics as varied as the people making up the event (something we are especially excited about covering).  In the middle of all that there will be some amazing films showing:  the world premiere of David Chases'  directorial debut Not Fade Away, Michael Haneke's Palm d'Or winner Amour, Lee Daniels The Paperboy, Roger Michell's Hyde Park on Hudson, Sally Potter's Ginger and Rosa, and Brian de Palma's Passion are a few we are most excited about.  And if that wasn't enough, the closing night film is the world-premiere of Robert Zemeckis' Flight starring Denzel Washington, Zemeckis' first return to a live-action film since Cast Away twelve years ago.  I know this already seems like a lot but trust us, this is just scratching the surface of all the amazing events, films, and people that will be in attendance for this great festival.  We are going to do our best to cover it all, and we hope you will tune in to catch a glimpse of the magic and grandeur of the 50th installment of the NYFF!

Article by Christie McDonald

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