Eloisa James at the Library of Congress National Book Festival

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Eloisa James is a Fordham Shakespearean professor by day, romance novelist by night. Her novels have been published to great acclaim and have constantly secured a spot on the New York Times Bestseller List. In her interview with Indiezone.tv's Christie McDonald at the Library of Congress National Bookfest, James discusses her newest novel,  the word "ugly", tenure, her double life, the stigma behind the romance genre, and the National Bookfest itself.  "The Ugly Duchess" is the latest  in a series of fairy-tale inspired romance books, and in her most recent work James is particularly interested in exploring the harmful connotation associated with the word 'ugly'. 


Eloisa James is the first romance novelist to ever appear at the National Bookfest, and while she is a bit shy about taking credit for her influence, she is successfully helping to bridge the gap between academia and the romance genre, often looked down upon by scholars and academics alike. She may have waited until she made tenure at Fordham before breaking the news to her colleagues, but she did indeed tell them, and continues to be both a Shakespearean professor and a best selling romance novelist, and for that we say way to go, to both Eloisa James AND Mary Bly.  And who knows, maybe after learning that their favorite author is actually a Shakespearean teacher, some romance-only readers will pick up a few of Shakespearean sonnets.  Stranger things have happened.



This Fordham Shakespearean professor is no longer a starving artist. How on earth did she do it?...


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