Jason Schwartzman, Judith Godrèche from Patrick Brice's The Overnight at SXSW

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A comedy of errors might be the best way to describe the Overnight, one of this year's South by Southwest Festival Favorites. Some of the biggest comedic names in the entertainment industry—Jason Schwartzman, Adam Scott, and Taylor Schilling—were joined by Judith Godrèche, a vet of more dramatic French and American productions, in this story of neighbors looking to become friends after a meet-cute in the park. Or maybe they are looking to becoming something more than that? Are they? Aren't they? We're still not sure!


The Overnight's filmmaker, Patrick Brice, is no stranger to South by Southwest, having opened his first feature at the festival last year (Creep) and having screened the shorts Wolf Creek and Love-Love there in the past. At the Overnight's red carpet, we talked with Brice, Schwartzman, and Godrèche. Here's the sense they made from this hilarious romp of a dinner party film: 



Patrick Brice (Filmmaker)


Jason Schwartzman (Kurt)


Judith Godrèche (Charlotte)

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