USA Network Premieres Mr. Robot at SXSW

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When a network chooses to first premiere a television pilot at South by Southwest rather than on their channel, you know it's a show that'll build buzz fast.  Mr. Robot is the USA Network's newest series, starring Christian Slater in the title role of the puppet master behind a global hacker network. Cyber security specialist Elliot (Rami Malek) is recruited by Mr. Robot to infiltrate his own workplace…and his own anti-social disorder if he wants to take part in a movement that he hopes is for the greater good.  


At the South by Southwest premiere of Mr. Robot on March 17, we learned from several of the show's cast members and from creator Sam Esmail what to expect from the characters going forward…or rather, that we won't be able to expect anything but constant revelations from this thriller that's sure to keep us gripping the edges of our seats.  We loved the first episode and judging by the fact Mr. Robot won the SXSW audience choice award we won't be the only once tuning inwhen the series has it's premiere in June.


Christian Slater (Mr. Robot) and Rami Malek (Elliot)


Portia Doubleday (Angela on Mr. Robot)


Carly Chaikin (Darlene on Mr. Robot)


Sam Esmail (Creator of Mr. Robot)





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