Sally Field, Natasha Lyonne, Max Greenfield, Stephen Root, and Michael Showalter at the SXSW Premiere of "Hello My Name is Doris"

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When Michael Showalter directs and co-writes a film, you can be sure the laughter will fall fast as an old lady off her rocker. Add the inimitable Sally Field in the lead role of Doris, a sixty-something woman aiming to seduce her much-younger boss, and you're guaranteed not only humor but humility in Hello, My Name is Doris.


This indie flick about Doris discovering her own independence and unironically blending into the indie scene of New York hipsterdom had its world premiere at South by Southwest on March 14, ultimately winning the audience award in the Headliners category. Indiezone.TV had the red carpet covered, bringing you these sweet yet silly words from a few of the film's cast, including Ms. Field herself, and from the production teams at Haven Entertainment and Red Crown Productions.


Michael Showalter (Director)



Sally Field (Doris)



Natasha Lyonne (Doris's Coworker)



Max Greenfield (John Fremont)



Stephen Root (Doris's Brother)



Daniela Taplin Lundberg, Daniel Crown, and Riva Marker (Red Crown Productions)


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