Sandra Cisneros at the Library of Congress National Book Festival

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Sandra Cisneros, author of Have You Seen Marie?, discusses growing up with 6 brothers, her upcoming journey, dealing with grief, and why she classifies her latest work as an 'illustrated fable for adults'


Sandra Cisneros has lived an eclectic life working as a counselor to high school dropout, an instructor of creative writing, college recruiter, arts administrator, and visiting writer at several universities. Her writing accumulation is equally eclectic and includes two novels, two poetry collections, and one short story collection. She sat down with's Christie McDonald at the Library of Congress National Bookfest to discuss her latest work, Have You Seen Marie?, which is described as a richly illustrated fable for adults. 

In the interview, Cisneros describes exactly what a "richly illustrated fable for adults" means, what it was like growing up with 6 brothers, snow vs. humidity, dealing with grief, and her upcoming journey.  A unique spirit and individual, Cisneros oozes wisdom and kindness, and gives us an alluring interview certainly worth checking out! 


Written in a state of grieving, Cisneros' newest work had to stand alone. How she made it happen -
We like to take the easy way out, but Cisneros knows there is no way to bypass the grieving process.
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