Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon at the Tribeca Film Festival

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Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon at the Tribeca Film Festival

Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon is the story of its namesake, an entertainment power player whom most people outside the biz have never heard of. Comedian and actor Mike Myers first made his acquaintance, as the press release describes it, “over a barrel a few weeks before shooting Wayne’s World regarding an Alice Cooper song. They’ve been best friends ever since.” That’s the most exciting tagline we’ve seen in ages!

Myers grew fascinated with his friend’s stories over the past twenty years, whether they involved managing Groucho Marx or propelling Wolfgang Puck to culinary stardom. That fascination led to this documentary, Myers’s directorial debut. And when you’re a man as well-loved as Gordon with a director as well-known as Mike Myers, the stars come out to pay their respects both in the film and on the red carpet before its Tribeca premiere. Indiezone.TV was on hand to greet Gordon and one of his many friends who appear in the movie, Michael Douglas.

“Supermensch” is an understatement if you can manage to propel both Alice Cooper and Emeril Lagasse to fame!

As Gordon tells our host, it’s surreal to be in the spotlight when he’s used to being the one ushering other people into it. He thinks every artist requires a different skillset when it comes to managing them, but mostly, hard work is what gets anyone ahead. Regarding the tastier side of his endeavors, Gordon first realized the potential for exalting chefs into everyday names when he recognized the similarities between legendary French chef Roger Vergé and a musical artist. Both have their old hits and their new ones, and the kitchen is the chef’s true stage. Gordon hopes to be remembered as a good cook himself someday.

Michael Douglas gushes about Shep's culinary skills.  Can we get a dinner invite?!?

Michael Douglas was full of compliments for Gordon’s cooking, stopping just short of licking his fingers with the memories of his pasta dishes. But the compliments didn’t stop with cuisine—Douglas’s admiration for Gordon was plain as he described what makes Gordon such a special person who’s achieved such great success.

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