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We love a great road trip, and we're still pumped about the one we took in March to one of our favorite festivals, SXSW, or "South By".   SXSW showcases some of the year's best film, music, and technology and it all happens in one of coolest cities on the planet, Austin Texas, so you know know we had blast!  We have a lot to show you from SXSW, but to get you started we've put together a little introduction to the awesomeness that is South By!

Remaining true to it's roots in music, SXSW has grown to become the world's largest festival with over 2,000 bands performing in over 100 venues!  We think it's safe to say that they have something for just about every musical taste, but it gets better.  A SXSW music badge gets you into every almost every show in the city; now that's what we call a bar crawl!   We made friends with bands from places like Ireland, Germany, Great Britain, Canada of course across the USA so we hope you love music!

Our first love is film and SXSW's Film Festival has become one of the most important with world premieres of cool indie films, major studio features and just about everything in between.  SXSW has long demonstrated it's ability to discover great new directorial talent.  For example, HBO's "Girls" star and showrunner Lena Dunham's breakout feature "Tiny Furniture" won "Best Narrative Feature" at the 2010 festival, and the first three episodes of "Girls" premiered at the 2012 festival to rave reviews.  SXSW 2013 lived up to it's reputation and was there with interviews with great directors, producers and stars, so stay tuned!

SXSW Interactive is an example of the festival's fearless willingness to reinvent itself.   Originally a multimedia component of the Film Festival, SXSW Interactive has experienced explosive growth over the past few years, becoming the largest event of its kind with over 30,000 paying attendees!  The show had become a mandatory  stop for genius inventors of all types and was there interviewing the creators of the latest cool tech.   We can't help but think that we might be just a little bit smarter after having spent time with these braniacs.  We plan to follow our favorite products as they mature so stay tuned!





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