"White Noise" A look at the Director, Christie McDonald

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"White Noise"   A look at the Director





Indiezone.tv's Amber Hergen interviews Christie McDonald about her directorial debut White Noise.


My name is is Christie McDonald, Christie Mac, or C-Mac - among a host of other various nicknames unnecessary for you to know at this point.  I am a soon to be 26-year-old female who has been residing in Los Angeles for the past 3 years. I was a 2-time Scholar All-American and captain of Duke Women's Soccer team ('05-'09) , best known for winning the Wilma Rudolph Award after a very quick recovery from brain surgery. I was an English major concentrating in theater and film at my lovely university; and after graduation, a 3-week cross country RV roadtrip, and a 3-month stint in Idaho, moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. 


Now the acting career was slowly but surely plodding along (don't let my three lousy IMDB credits fool you), but I needed more - something to do during all that down time-, so I started writing again. And one feature-length script later, I found myself represented by a pretty great management/production company in LA.  Then my big feature I booked fell through, and I had even more down time. So I decided to take the leap and direct my first short. I scrapped all my elaborate concepts - I had no budget and didn't want to cash in all my favors on my very first project, and decided to work with what I had. Below are the notes and the beginnings of my first film White Noise. it is the first thing I have gotten to be a part of in LA that I am truly proud of; and is - hopefully - the beginning of much more to come. 


Use resources; need quick shoot, one location, use what you've got - access to amazing actors.  Need to get them in and out quickly.  Character driven, highly improvised, set it up to find the organic moments in the relationships, let those moments guide the story. 




Exploring humanity - more specifically relationships between individuals or a group of individuals.  Why do two individuals have a relationship? What significance does one get from another? What does it symbolize - secret fears, needs, desires, etc.?  Are we self-aware of this?  What happens if we aren't?  What happens if we are? What experiences are universally shared among a group of like individuals unique to that group and which transcend class, race, gender, etc. to become universal truths among humanity?  


Indiezone.tv's Amber Hergen talks to director Christie McDonald and actress Susie Abromeit about collaborating on White Noise.

Indiezone.tv's Amber Hergen talks composition and collaboration with director Christie McDonald and Director of Photography Olivia Kuan.


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